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Medical Bill Audit & Record Review

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Features Medical-Bill-Audit_1 Medical Bill Audit Medical-Bill-Audit-Records-Review MBA & Record Review
Organized Charge Data
Billing Totals
Total Reasonable Value
Review for Duplication
Review for Related Versus Unrelated Charges
Audited Using Standardized Fee Reference Methodology
Audited Using Standardized Fee Reference Methodology with Application of Geographic Modifier
Line Item Commentary to Explain Reductions
Compilation of Amount Paid, Adjusted, Paid by Patient, and Balance Due
Review of Medical Record to Substantiate Services Provided as Necessary for MBA (Medical Bill Audit) Completion
Medical Records Summary and Chronology of Pertinent Events  
Evaluation Conclusion  
Records Required All billing & statements including insurance EOB's and medical records All billing & statements including insurance EOB's and medical records

How It Works

Claim Evaluation Step 1 Submission


Place your order via My.Ontellus portal. Select desired level of service; Identify records to be included; Securely upload files not already i your Ontellus case repository.

Claims Evaluation Step 2 Pricing & Approval

Pricing & Approval

Within 24 hours, you will receive an estimate; We await your approval before proceeding.

Claim Evaluation Step 3 Analysis & Report Production

Analysis & Report Production

We conduct our analysis and produce your report.

Claims Evaluation Step 4 Report Delivery

Report Delivery

Your report is then securely delivered to your account via the My.Ontellus portal.

What Is A Claim Evaluation

A Claim Evaluation is an intelligent and comprehensive report that provides a functional road map to the most productive defense strategy and a clear breakdown of the facts you need for effective negotiation, expediting settlement and reducing indemnity.

Claim Evaluation Is Also

  • Your blueprint for an actionable defense
  • A tool to utilize when demand packets are sent
  • Identifies facts in the records needed to design the most effective case strategy
  • Ensures records hold no surprises for the case by reading between the lines for inconsistencies in the medical history, or missing information
  • Spend less time planning and more time moving towards resolution