Ontellus delivers high-value data and superior service, accuracy and industry-leading turnaround times. Our technology-driven record retrieval solutions empower insurance carriers, self-insured corporations, third-party administrators and law firms to reduce costs, make better-informed decisions and accelerate claims resolution.


Records Retrieval

The nation's largest pure-play records retrieval firm specializing in all types of records. With broad geographic reach and local contacts to expedite retrieval, we put that presence to work for you.

Our records organization methodologies define the industry standard and support faster decision making and claims resolution.

Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities locate desired information in seconds. Conduct fast, easy searches for words, text or phrases within volumes of records and documents, regardless of size or scope.

Specialized image viewer with a fully-loaded web interface to view radiology images at any time and from anywhere. Ontellus can distribute the images in hard copy format or a DICOM-standard CD to any medical examiner for diagnostic review.

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Workers Compensation

Ontellus has more than three decades of experience specializing in Workers’ Compensation Records Retrieval Services. We are well versed in the Rules and Regulations of the Insurance, Labor and Unemployment Codes.

In California, WCAB reports are available with every new order and include previous claims from all California WCAB boards.

To help streamline Independent Medical Reviews, we remove all billing and then sort, index, and forward the records directly to the physician on your behalf.


Foreign Subpoenas

Our expert legal team is well-versed in obtaining foreign subpoenas to retrieve records outside of your jurisdiction.

We thoroughly understand each state’s civil procedures, and we successfully retrieve records in states that follow the Uniform Interstate Deposition and Discovery Act (UIDDA); the Uniform Foreign Deposition Act (UFDA); and other state-specific subpoena laws requiring commissions, letter rogatory, notices, agreements, or miscellaneous case actions.



With the click of a button, review records from multiple locations — grouped by record dates, facility name, and index categories. A daily notification from this application alerts you when new sets of records are added to your SmartChron.

Improve the initial file review

OCR capability to quickly locate key words

Conduct depositions more effectively

Reduce legal expenditures, settlement costs and allocated loss adjusting expenses (ALAE)

Achieve faster case resolution


This user-friendly tool optimizes your record organizing experience. We recognize that everyone has different preferences in viewing and organizing records. Efficiently tailor, store, and share records online according to your preferences.

Quickly create a customized records PDF

Easily commingle multiple providers on the same records subject

Narrow scope of records to view specific index categories or dates

Efficiently view records in chronological order


Document Management

The Ontellus client portal provides centralized, accessible organization of case documents for increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Claims adjusters, risk managers, and defense attorneys are connected and given instant access to fully organized, electronic records and real-time status information throughout the progression of the case.

Host all of your case materials and documents to eliminate the time and expense of copying, shipping, and storing the volumes of records.

Once a case is closed, files can be made available through our secure portal, copied to CD/DVD and/or destroyed at your request.

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Claims Evaluation

Ontellus delivers three levels of records review and analysis:

Pertinent Events Timeline and Detailed Chronology provides an overview and assistance in identifying missing records.

Snapshot Package Claim Evaluation is highly regarded in cases where more detailed medical and billing analysis is needed.

Comprehensive Claim Evaluation is designed for complex cases to guide you throughout the course of the case to the demand evaluation.

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Discovery Tools

As we obtain records on your behalf, we can identify additional locations and/or physicians who have treated the claimant/plaintiff.

Our sophisticated algorithm is designed to locate information that might otherwise go undiscovered.

Easily order records from additional sources.


AMFS™ Expert Review

Thousands of Board-Certified, Actively Practicing Medical Expert Witnesses across the U.S.

Practicing and articulate board-certified physicians providing expert review and testimony.

Professional and objective Independent Medical Examinations (IME).

Experienced, knowledgeable life care assessors (Life Care Plans).

Visit us at: www.amfs.com
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