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Obtain Medical Records For Mass Tort Claims

Mass Tort Records Retrieval@2x

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Direct Billing For Mass Tort Records Retrieval

Insurance carriers, self-insured and municipalities often establish direct billing relationships with Ontellus and instruct their attorneys to utilize Ontellus for records retrieval.

Mass tort claims must be handled differently than class action lawsuits, covering a much broader range of claim types. Typically, mass tort claims are brought when consumers are injured by pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices and/or other products. Drugs, medical devices and product defects can cause a wide range of problems for different individuals, so all mass tort cases usually do not fit into a single class.

Mass tort litigation lets one attorney or groups of attorneys represent several injured parties in individual cases. Any information discovered during investigation by one attorney can be shared among all attorneys and cases. A national network of lawyers has the opportunity to pool resources, information and ideas. This ensures all individuals receive fair settlements for their injuries.

Mass tort litigation is usually more complex than class action lawsuits. This is because the way they are structured does not necessarily follow standard legal procedure. And the large number of claims that are brought during the suit, can make it difficult to determine settlements and compensation.

Any mass tort litigation requires the requesting, collection, organizing and tracking of responses for large numbers of medical records, charts, doctors’ notes, etc. Using in house resources to manage and track these medical records is both time-consuming and cost prohibitive.

Additionally, the sheer volume of paper records still in use and a complicated billing process, managing multiple records retrieval process can also become a bottleneck for mass tort litigation attorneys.

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