Obtain Medical Records For Mass Tort Claims & Multidistrict Litigation

Mass Tort Records Retrieval@2x

Did You Know?

The Ontellus Records Retrieval Team is Fully Operational & Actively Retrieving Records


As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, the legal industry is sorting through large numbers of class action suits filed in response to the outbreak. Our record retrieval team is fully operational and actively retrieving records.

Mass Tort and Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) claims cover a much broader range of claim types. Typically, mass tort claims are brought when consumers are injured by pharmaceuticals, medical devices and/or other products.  Pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, and product defects can cause a wide range of injuries for different individuals, so all mass tort cases usually do not fit into a single class.

Hundreds of medical records are commonly requested in Mass Tort litigation.  The management of these records by your legal team is both time consuming and costly. 

Partnering with Ontellus to retrieve voluminous Mass Tort/MDL records provides many benefits for all defense counsel including:

  • Single source/process for record retrieval
  • Shared access to records for all parties involved
  • Ability to share the cost
  • Streamlined information and status tracking
  • Organized, indexed, bookmarked records for easy review