DICOM Viewer Core Diagnostic Image Functionality


Enables Core Diagnostic Image Functionality

DICOM Viewer is a feature within My.Ontellus™, a HIPAA-compliant, web-based portal. DICOM Viewer enables secure access to diagnostic-quality DICOM images that are comparable to radiology department images. Users can view the image, study date, and date viewed all at the click of a button.

DICOM Viewer Features & Functionality

  • Unlimited Secure Access to Diagnostic Images within My.Ontellus portal
  • Radiology Standards with advanced capabilities such as:
    • Magnification
    • Windows Leveling    
    • Vertical/Horizontal Rotation
    • Measuring
    • Annotation
  • Ability to share all or specific images with experts within the My.Ontellus portal via Secure Share.

DICOM Viewer Benefits

  • Cut cost and storage associated with hard copy films/CD
  • Reduce time and expense of shipping films
  • Receive instant and secure distribution - allowing for cross-team collaboration, streamlined workflow and alignment of what is being viewed between you and the expert
  • View diagnostic quality images without download of software

Learn More About DICOM Viewer

How DICOM Viewer Works

SmartView Step 1

Step 1

Place An Order On My.Ontellus For Diagnostic Images

SmartView Step 2

Step 2

Orders Appear As Individual Studies

SmartView Step 3

Step 3

Select Desired Image To View

SmartView Step 4

Step 4

Share With Third-Party Medical Experts & IME through My.SmartShare

Create Secure Account

If your third-party medical expert or IME does not have login credentials, they will create a secure account to gain access to the records you've shared.

Track Record Viewing

Easily track the expert's viewing of the records shared to enable timely communications.