My.SmartOrg™ Intelligent Records Organization


My.SmartOrg™ brings records review into the digital age with an electronically organized, indexed, bookmarked and OCR searchable set of review-ready records.


Law firms and claims departments are using My.SmartOrg™ to send records already obtained to Ontellus for complete organization. The end result is an electronic set of records that is organized, indexed and bookmarked by date and record type.

Time & Money Savings With Effortless Records Organization

Brings Consistency To Records You Already Have – My.SmartOrg™ ensures all records are organized in a consistent fashion

Organized & Usable Records

Standard cover pages, table of contents, and bates stamps

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables full-text-search

Sorting features filter by record types and locations

Search features pinpoint relevant records

Secure access enables review by claims and legal professionals

My.SmartOrg™, one of  My.SmartTools inside the My.Ontellus™ Portal, enables claims and legal professionals to upload records they have already obtained to be organized in the same manner as new records being retrieved.

Existing records are uploaded and processed via the Ontellus proprietary, technology-enabled charting application. The records are ready for review in under 24-hours, accelerating time-to-analysis. Get more information about how you can Simplify Records Organization & Accelerate Records Review with My.SmartOrg™

Learn How You Can Transform Your Records Retrieval Process

My.SmartOrg Works With My.SmartChron

Did You Know?

My.SmartOrg™ Records = My.SmartChron™ Eligible

My.SmartChron™ takes all of the individually organized records on a case and automatically produces a complete case chronology, organized chronologically by date, and includes all of the features above.