Ontellus - Guidewire Partner

Guidewire ClaimCenter™

Seamless integration with AddOntellus™ within Guidewire ClaimCenter™ achieves decreased cycle time and improves productivity across your claims organization.

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Ontellus - AMFS

AMFS - American Medical Forensic Specialists

Thousands of board-certified, actively practicing Medical Expert Witnesses across the U.S., providing expert review and testimony. 

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Ontellus - ChartSwap

ChartSwap - B2B Health Information Exchange

ChartSwap is a business to business (B2B) health information exchange connecting a network of requestors and providers. ChartSwap offers requestors a single platform where they can request, track, pay for and download records from any provider.

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Ontellus - Premonition

Premonition - Worlds Largest Litigation Database

Premonition provides cutting-edge legal analytics via LitigationScan™, a product designed to improve outcomes and cycle time. The LitigationScan proprietary algorithm helps clients identify claims that could be at risk due to challenges, such as a tough venue, judge, or opposing counsel.

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