The Value Of Social Media & Medical Canvassing During Special Investigations

Get Medical Canvassing Information

Top Medical Canvassing Triggers

  • Suspicious Claims Validity
  • Limited Access To Medical History
  • Presence Of Time Lost
  • Incident Testimonials
  • Claim Size
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Attorney Representation
  • Social Media Red Flags
  • Prior Claims History

Special investigations can reveal preexisting injuries or even a history of suspicious claims. Ontellus canvassing services are available on a nationwide basis and can bring certainty to your claims by reveling facts about your claimant’s medical history and activities.

We help insurance companies and businesses protect themselves from fraudulent claims and buildup by uncovering the evidence they need. Our services are HIPAA compliant and conducted by a team of professional analysis and investigators.

Canvassing can assist all lines of insurance associated with any bodily injury claim (i.e. Workers’ Compensation, Auto Bodily Injury, and Disability). The claimant and/or their attorney may knowingly withhold information pertaining to a claimant’s medical treatment history and/or “pick and choose” what medical information is being shared. Having the tools and know-how to further validate or discover other medical providers involved in treating the claimant is critical in evaluating the claim as well as potentially identifying a clearer picture of exposure.


Social Media Canvasses Can Significantly Impact Your Insurance Claims Investigation


With an estimated 3.2 Billion people using social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube, Social Media Canvasses can assist in identifying key evidence and help determine if a claim is legitimate.

Our industry-leading Online Profile Targeting Index (OPTI Check) is a comprehensive tool used to identify and secure a person’s public social media profile.

Using our proprietary state-of-the-art collection process, the OPTI Check provides an unprecedented view of the data, utilizing new technology that provides an offline, archival copy of a subject’s social media profiles. We sign that data as it is captured with an easily-verifiable cryptographic hash so you can verify that it was not altered or modified in anyway, making your evidence legally defensible.

A thorough examination of your claimant’s social media activities could prove invaluable in uncovering fraud both in and out of and courtroom.

Ontellus Targeted Canvassing Services

Medical Canvasses

Medical Canvasses

  • Verify date(s) of injury & treatment plans
  • Assess if injury is related to the claim
  • Discover if claimant has history of prior claims
  • Determine if there are previous treatments for similar injuries

Pharmacy Canvasses

Pharmacy Canvasses

  • Verify date(s) of injury & treatment plans
  • Discover addiction or drug-seeking behavior history
  • Asses if medications prescribed by one doctor may interaction with medications from another


Specialty Canvasses

  • Confirm or refute claims about mobility or other specific health issues
  • Verify gym and athletic memberships
  • Search local storage facilities to investigate property loss claims

Social Media Canvass

Social Media Canvasses

  • Search multiple social media platforms, and forums.
  • Deep web research, including parts of the internet that cannot be indexed.
  • Investigations that are court admissible.