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Features Record Review Record Summary Claim Evaluation Claim Evaluation
Case Overview Record Summary Feature Claim Evaluation Feature
Chronological List of Pertinent Events Record Summary Feature Claim Evaluation Feature
Pertinent Missing Records/Providers List   Claim Evaluation Feature
Provider List with Bill Compilation with Total vs. Paid   Claim Evaluation Feature
Current Medical Treatment and Prognosis   Claim Evaluation Feature
Claim Assessment
(Strengths and Challenges)
  Claim Evaluation Feature
Medical Bill Overview   Claim Evaluation Feature
Potential Future Medical Care   Claim Evaluation Feature
Future Care Costing   Claim Evaluation Feature
Evaluation Conclusion   Claim Evaluation Feature
Records Required Medical Records Medical & Billing Records

How It Works

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Place order via My.Ontellus portal. Identify the records to be included in the review; Securely upload any files that are not already in your Ontellus case repository to be reviewed.

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Analysis & Report Production

We conduct our analysis and produce your summary .

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Report Delivery

Your summary is then securely delivered to your account via the My.Ontellus portal.