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Direct Billing For Medical Records Retrieval

Insurance carriers, self-insured’s and municipalities often establish direct billing relationships with Ontellus and instruct their attorneys to utilize Ontellus for records retrieval.

Clinical data is a staple resource for most health and medical research. Medical (clinical) data refers to health-related information that is associated with regular patient care or as part of a clinical trial program. The data is either collected during the course of ongoing patient care or as part of a formal clinical trial program. Clinical data generally falls into six major types:

Electronic Health Records

Administrative Data

Claims Data

Patient / Disease Registries

Health Surveys

Clinical Trials Data

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Electronic medical records are generally not available to outside researchers. The data collected includes administrative and demographic information, diagnosis, treatment, prescription drugs, laboratory tests, physiologic monitoring data, hospitalization, patient insurance, etc. 

Medical data of this nature is useful in Patient/Disease Registries, which help collect and track clinical information of defined patient populations, and Health Surveys, like those that track national diseases.

Ontellus can assist in the retrieval of these types of records and the management of the data obtained. Pharma, labs, research clinics and bio science companies all benefit from Ontellus' records retrieval and data management services.

Additionally, the Ontellus clinical sciences records retrieval assistance helps companies execute their bio clinical research for the following areas such as:



COVID (including COVID-19)

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