My. SmartChron™ Automated Record Indexing And Chronology


My.SmartChron™ brings the antiquated records review process into the digital age with a complete case chronology of review-ready records.

Law firms and claims departments are using My.SmartChron™ to effortlessly generate a complete case chronology with indexed, review-ready records. As an additional technology component of the Ontellus customer portal, My.SmartChron™ enables legal and claims professionals to reduce paper handling, simplifying records organization and accelerate records analysis.

Save Time & Money With Effortless Records Organization

Automated Case Chronology – All records are automatically chronologically organized by date.

No More Redundant Work – Newly added records are automatically added to the case chronology. Daily notifications alert users when an updated My.SmartChron™ record is ready for review.

Organized & Usable Records

Standard cover pages, table of contents, and bates stamps

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables full-text-search

Sorting features filter by record types and locations

Search features pinpoint relevant records

Secure access enables review by claims and legal professionals

As a proprietary tool that is an add-on to our records retrieval service, My.SmartChron™ will quickly merge all records from every location into a single file view, offering a high-level overview of all available records.

My.SmartChron™ automates the chronological organization process so that all records are automatically organized by date, providing a clear timeline of documented events which aids in recognizing nuances, patterns and analysis.

Learn How You Can Save Approximately 40 Hours Per Case With My.SmartChron™.

Learn How You Can Transform Your Records Retrieval Process

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My.SmartChron™ Features & Benefits

SmartChron Records

Fast, Effective Analysis With Records In A Single View

Case records are aggregated into a single file, offering a high-level overview of all available information. This aids in recognizing nuances, patterns, trends, and deep information analysis. Once obtained and processed via Ontellus’ proprietary charting tool, records are ready for review within 24-48 hours and can be downloaded in seconds, accelerating time-to-analysis.

SmartChron Savings

Cost Certainty = Cost Savings

With a flat-rate charge per file, SmartChron™ helps law firms and claims departments avoid vague billing practices that charge hourly fees for records preparation. Ontellus also offers in-depth reporting and invoicing visibility.

SmartChron Productivity

Proven Technology = Real Productivity Savings

Some of the largest insurance carriers in the U.S. are using SmartChron™ to aggregate their case and claim records into a single view organized chronologically. SmartChron™ organizes millions of record each year, delivering productivity savings with every case chronology.

With SmartChron™ on your team, how many hours could you save?

Did You Know?

The Average My.SmartChron™ User...

Has 5-7 sets of records per case Spends 30 hours manually organizing into a case chronology, plus 6 more hours to manually search for keywords Saves approximately 40 hours per case with SmartChron™