Why Choose Ontellus For Medical Canvassing?

1.5 Medical Facilities Canvassed
More than 1.5 Million Medical Facilities Canvassed Annually

Get Medical Canvassing Information

Top Medical Canvassing Triggers

  • Suspicious Claims Validity
  • Limited Access To Medical History
  • Presence Of Time Lost
  • Incident Testimonials
  • Claim Size
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Attorney Representation
  • Social Media Red Flags
  • Prior Claims History

Your Medical Canvass Report Will Include:

  • A detailed breakdown of all search findings, including facility details and dates of treatment, plus a map of areas canvassed.
  • Standard database search includes the subject’s social security number, date of birth, possible aliases and address history.


Ontellus has completed over 1.5 Million medical canvasses on a national scale, providing the expertise to uncover and verify medical treatment history. With proven and streamlined workflows implemented for all major business lines in all 50 states, the Ontellus large facilities database is constantly verified.


Ontellus’ size and scale allows for technology investments that provide the top levels of security, usability, and automation.  Our flat fee pricing makes billing a straight-forward and transparent process.


Utilizing our proprietary technology, MedCheckPro™, the Ontellus Medical Canvass Analysts search the specified area(s) and gather detailed information that may indicate the presence of a possible pre-existing condition. Our team of professionals has years of knowledge, skill and expertise at finding and identifying pre-existing conditions that claimants may not disclose.


Ontellus canvasses all medical facilities, clinics, physician offices, specialists, laboratories, physical therapy clinics, gyms, and pharmacies within a specified radius of the residence or workplace with the ability to extend the search if necessary.


Canvassing can assist all lines of insurance associated with any bodily injury claim (i.e. workers’ compensation, auto bodily injury, and disability). Irrespective of the line of insurance involved, the key point of consideration is that at any time a claimant and/or their attorney may knowingly withhold information pertaining to a claimant’s medical treatment history.


Determine if the claimant received treatment prior to the date of loss

Verify the alleged injuries are not those for which the Claimant previously sought treatment

Helps determine whether the Claimant has a history of injury claims

Assess whether the reported injuries occurred outside the course of employment

Discover unknown treatment information not previously disclosed by the claimant or claimant’s attorney

Uncover possible patterns of addiction or drug-seeking behavior

Substantiate claimant statements about prior medical treatment and reveals possible material misrepresentations

Provide treatment information for specific time periods when conducting searches for pre-existing conditions



Execution accuracy which improves speed, comprehensiveness and cost savings

Customers can order in any market and have the flexibility to customize requests and how results are delivered

Better integration options, easy to use online access, analytics tools that help simplify case reviews

Billing transparency to enable accurate budgeting for file reserves

Provides time and cost reductions during the claims review process

Medical Canvassing


"Canvass" search medical facilities in a specific geography to uncover WHEN & WHERE a claimant may have received treatment.

Verify Medical Claims


Quickly and accurately discover information to verify legitimate claims or uncover fraudulent claims.

Check For Pre-existing Conditions


Determination of treatments for possible pre-existing conditions.

Lower Adjucadication Costs


Lower claims exposure by uncovering undisclosed prior treatment information or lower adjudication costs by verifying claimant information.

Resolve Claims


Resolve situations where the circumstance of an accident / incident or actions of the claimant appear questionable.