Secure Share Document Sharing Tool


Third-Party Medical Expert & IME Distribution

As a feature within My.Ontellus™, a HIPAA-compliant, web-based portal, Secure Share uses intelligent workflows to offer users a secure way to share medical records, billing records and other highly sensitive PHI (Personal Health Information).

Key Features & Functionality

  • A secure and protected environment in a HIPAA-compliant, web-based portal.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly dashboard that allows for easy and quick adoption.
  • Flexibility to share records obtained by Ontellus and documents in your possession (i.e. deposition transcripts).
  • The ability to apply “Expiration Dates” to your distribution to limit the length of time sensitive PHI is available for viewing.
  • Comprehensive “Viewing Reports” to allow insight into the activity of your third-party medical experts and IMEs. 

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How Secure Share Works

Claim Evaluation Step 1

Step 1

Add Your Third-Party Medical Expert or IME To The Approved Distribution List.

Claims Evaluation Step 2

Step 2

Choose The Records You'd Like To Share.

Claim Evaluation Step 3

Step 3

Set A Viewing Expiration, If Desired.

Claims Evaluation Step 4

Step 4

Send To Your Third Part Medical Expert or IME, Who Instantly Receives A Notification.

Create Secure Account

If your third-party medical expert or IME does not have login credentials, they will create a secure account to gain access to the records you've shared.

Track Record Viewing

Easily track the expert's viewing of the records shared to enable timely communications.