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Top 5 Reasons to Request a Social Canvass: Your Comprehensive Guide

As social platforms continue to rapidly take over, it’s crucial to utilize the information on these data-heavy platforms for your insurance investigations. Through Ontellus’ Social Canvass, you receive a meticulous overview of an individual’s digital footprint, which spans various online platforms to uncover any relevant information.

Today, we wanted to dive deeper into the world of social canvassing by discussing the top 5 benefits this service offers.

1. Validate Statements and Claims:

  1. In a world where connection and validation are paramount, social media often serves as the platform for individuals to share their experiences, whether that be accidents, surgeries, or personal struggles. Through a Social Canvass, you can confirm or refute information via the client’s or relatives’ own statements and evidence posted on social media.    

2. Legally Defensible Product:

At Ontellus, we don’t just stop at uncovering data. To ensure that your evidence can be authenticated in the future, we automatically include cryptographic hashing and metadata, helping make your evidence legally defensible.

3. Making Informed Decisions:

Factors such as claim value, settlement timelines, and claimant demographics play a significant role in determining whether a social canvass is the right choice. Through a social canvass, you are given a tool to help you make informed decisions, faster.

4. Uncover Inconsistencies:

While you may always hope that your client is telling the truth, this isn’t always the case. A powerful example lies in cases where individuals claim to physically impaired, only to be spotted at amusement parks, nightclubs, or protests, actively live streaming their experiences. Similarly, those asserting that injuries prevent them from working may be found to have a highly active online retail presence, indicating otherwise. Social media often uncovers such inconsistencies, shedding light on the truth.

5. Expedite Claim Settlement:

The insights gained from a social canvass can expedite claim settlement by validating statements at increased speeds.

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