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5 Common Challenges in Records Retrieval (And How Ontellus Solves Them)


5 Common Challenges in Records Retrieval (And How Ontellus Solves Them)

From legal cases to insurance claims, records retrieval is a critical component to a successful outcome in a case or claim. However, navigating the complexities of obtaining accurate and timely records can present significant challenges.

In this blog, we'll explore five common hurdles in records retrieval and shed light on how Ontellus offers effective solutions to overcome these obstacles.

  • Time-Consuming Authorization Process

Challenge: Obtaining necessary authorizations for records retrieval can be a lengthy and administrative burden, slowing down the entire process. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates that medical records be furnished within a 30-day period following a request. This 30-day window serves as a common practice in numerous healthcare facilities. However, the timeline for record provision may diverge due to variances in state regulations, the type of records requested, and the specific protocols of the healthcare facility. This standard has implications for the promptness of authorization requests. Failure to adhere to the 30-day requirement can result in delays in the authorization process, potentially impacting patient care and insurance claims.

Ontellus Solution: Ontellus streamlines the authorization process, efficiently managing the required documentation on behalf of clients. This not only saves time but ensures compliance with legal requirements, eliminating unnecessary delays.

  • Inefficient Data Collection

Challenge: Contacting various record custodians and managing the collection of records can be a cumbersome task, leading to potential errors and delays.

Inefficient data collection in the record retrieval process significantly impacts industries such as healthcare, legal, and finance. In healthcare, it can lead to treatment delays and record errors. In the legal sector, diverse data sources complicate evidence gathering, affecting case outcomes. Across all sectors, inefficiency leads to increased costs, compliance risks, and operational delays, highlighting the importance of streamlining data collection processes. 

Ontellus Solution: Ontellus boasts an extensive network of record custodians and leverages technology for efficient data collection. This ensures a smooth and error-free retrieval process, reducing the burden on clients.

Additional services including medical and social canvassing can help uncover additional records that could be vital to a case during the discovery process.

  • Lack of Document Review Expertise

Challenge: Once records are obtained, reviewing them for relevancy and accuracy can be a complex task, which can impact productivity and unnecessary hours spent on records reviews.

Ontellus Solution: Ontellus offers document review services, where experienced professionals meticulously assess the obtained records. This ensures that clients receive comprehensive and accurate information, minimizing the risk of oversight.

  • Limited Digitalization and Storage Options

Challenge: Managing physical records poses challenges in terms of security of sensitive date, accessibility, physical space, and potential loss or damage.

Ontellus Solution: Ontellus addresses this challenge by digitizing records, making them easily accessible and reducing the need for physical storage. Their secure digital storage solutions provide a reliable and organized repository for all retrieved records. Ontellus is SOC II Type 2 certified and prioritizes data security for all records.

  • Complex Data Management

Challenge: After retrieval, organizing and managing the collected data can be overwhelming, leading to inefficiencies and the possibility to overlook key data points in records.

Ontellus Solution: Ontellus excels in data management, and provides additional services that organize, categorize, index and chronologize records for to easily focus on keywords and provide a clear timeline of a claimant’s history. This ensures that clients have a well-organized database at their fingertips, saving time in subsequent retrieval requests.

Ontellus: Your Partner in Overcoming Records Retrieval Challenges

In a landscape where the challenges of records retrieval are prevalent, Ontellus stands out as a reliable partner, offering comprehensive solutions to streamline the entire process. From simplifying authorizations to expert document review and efficient data management, Ontellus addresses the common hurdles with expertise and precision.

By choosing Ontellus, clients not only mitigate the challenges associated with records retrieval but also gain a strategic advantage in terms of time, accuracy, and overall efficiency.

Contact Ontellus today to experience how our tailored solutions can transform your records retrieval experience, making it a seamless and reliable aspect of your business operations.

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