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Guide to Social Canvassing

With social media activity continually on the rise, the data that can be gathered from this open-source intelligence can be crucial when it comes to a case or claim. In order to ensure you have the full picture of a person’s digital footprint, a social canvass is an important tool to utilize. 

What is Social Canvassing? 

A social canvass is the process of searching, capturing, and preserving digital evidence from a person’s social profiles. Ontellus’ social canvass provides a comprehensive solution to the traditional products offered in the industry by creating a cost-effective, legally defensible product that is scalable to your needs.  

How does a Social Canvass work? 


Step 1: Submit a Social Canvass Request  

To initiate your social canvassing, log into the My.O portal and click on the "Order Record" page. Once you click that button, you will be redirected to INTERTEL's request form. Our base Social Canvass searches multiple social media, online and mobile platforms to locate actionable data related to your person of interest. In addition to gathering all related information on your person of interest, a Social Canvass Plus also includes a review and Findings Summary by one of our licensed investigators.  

After that, fill in identifying information and submit. 

Step 2: Search and Capture 

Our search-and-capture tools guided with human intelligence will conduct an in-depth search of the claimant’s digital footprint.  

Step 3: Receive Your Social Canvass Report 

Once the canvass has undergone thorough review and formatting, our system notifies you based on your preferred workflow, information you about the completion status of the report. A link to the claimant’s Social Canvassing Report will be emailed to you. 

Are you interested in learning more about social canvassing? Visit our website or reach out today to learn more.  

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