Medical Canvassing

Ontellus's Guide to Medical Canvassing: Uncovering Vital Medical Information

Have you ever suspected that you might be missing crucial medical information for a case or
claim? To ensure that all relevant information is considered, medical canvassing is an important
tool that provides a comprehensive overview of a person's medical history.

What is Medical Canvassing?

Medical canvassing is a highly effective method used to uncover and verify medical treatment
information. When you engage Ontellus for a medical canvass, our team of experts directly
contacts healthcare providers in a specific geographical area, covering the claimant's or client's
residence, workplace and/or the site of the reported accident.

How does an Ontellus Medical Canvass Work?

Step 1: Requesting Your Medical Canvass

To initiate your medical canvass, log into the My.O portal and click on the “Order Medical
Canvass” button on the sidebar or via the Order Records page. This allows you to order a
Medical Canvass before requesting records to help streamline your workflow. If you’d prefer to
request a Medical Canvass after you submit your records retrieval order, there will be an
additional opportunity to do so via the Medical Canvass button that comes up after you
complete your order.

Once you click either button, you will be redirected to INTERTEL’s Request form.

Step 2: Research and Analysis

Once your request is reviewed and confirmed, our proprietary software identifies all relevant
medical facilities that match your selected criteria. This process eliminates "bad facilities" and
duplicate listings, resulting in a refined list of medical facilities to be contacted. Our expertly
trained medical canvassing analysts then initiate initial contacts with all the listed medical
facilities. After completing the initial canvass, MedCheckPro, our quality control (QC) system,
triggers additional QC protocols, seamlessly initiating our review process. Finally, the completed
canvass is formatted to generate the final report.

Step 3: Accessing Your Online Report

Once the canvass has undergone thorough review and formatting, our system notifies you
based on your preferred workflow, informing you about the completion status of the report. You
will receive an email confirmation with a link to access your completed medical canvass online.
If there is an established integration, the report will be uploaded to your third-party system for
convenient review.

Are you interested in learning how a medical canvass can enhance the efficiency of your case
discovery and investigations? Visit our website or reach out to us today to learn more!

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